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The Basics

An estate sale or estate liquidation is a sale or auction to dispose of a substantial portion of the materials owned by a person who has recently passed away or for a family who would like to dispose of a majority of their personal property (usually when moving or downsizing).
BTeam Liquidations is a liquidation firm that will facilitate the sale or auction of an estate. BTeam handles the set up, staging, pricing, open house sale and clean up of the estate, from start to finish! BTeam takes a percentage of all items sold during the sale, this percentage is negotiated and agreed upon before the start of the liquidation process.
Not at all! While we specialize in antique and vintage goods, many sales are made up of newer furniture and items. The vast majority of household items hold a value, and we can liquidate all types of homes. Additionally, we also liquidate businesses (usually when a business is closing) and warehouses. Also keep in mind that we do not need to do an on site sale, if you have a smaller amount of items, we can provide online auction services.
Yes! BTeam Liquidations, along with all estate liquidation firms in Utah, charge sales tax during the entirety of the sale. All items sold are accompanied with a 7% sales tax, per Utah state law.
Yes! BTeam is bonded and insured.


Usually it takes no more than 3 – 4 days to set up an estate sale (appraise, price and stage a home) however it really depends on the home and the amount of items the family would like liquidated.
From the time of initial set up (staging, organizing and pricing of the estate) to the 3 day sale to the clean out of the home, the process takes around 10 days.
Yes. We do not start the liquidation process until we have agreed upon the commission, time frame and services to be included and signed a mutually agreed upon contract with the executor or appropriate and legal authorized authority of the estate.
BTeam guarantees that our clients will be both paid out and receive a complete account of all items sold with in a week of ending the sale.
BTeam Liquidations owner, Lou Barrett has over 30 years experience in the antique, vintage and used market. With an extensive knowledge of the buying and selling furniture, art and collectibles, Lou is able to value most items sold. If Lou happens to not be knowledgeable of a particular item(s), he takes the care to research the market value and confirm his findings with other dealers and appraisers.
It depends on the size of the sale. We have staff who help stage and price sales, work the sale itself and assist in the clean up of the sale. Currently, BTeam has 7 employees. Each employee brings with them unbeatable customer service and a commitment to making sure our sales are executed with care and professionalism.
Once a sale ends, we will remove all remaining items from the home and donate them, usually to a charity service like Deseret Industries or Goodwill . Once we are done, the home will be completely empty. Usually once our services are complete, families hire a deep cleaning service (for things like carpet cleaning) and list the home on the market.
Our employees are welcome to buy items during the sale, however they pay the same price as any customer!
BTeam Liquidations does not have a storefront, but we do have an online auction warehouse, located at 3007 S. West Temple, Suite F, South Salt Lake, Utah 84115.
Normally we do not; however, under special circumstances we may recommend doing so if the estate is filled with a particularly valuable amount of items. For example, if the house is full of say, mid century modern mint condition furniture, we may suggest having a mid century modern furniture dealer or collector come in for a pre sell and make a large purchase. We would only do this if it makes sense financially for both the customer and us.
Usually an estate sale is three days long (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) however we can do 1 or 2 day sales as well! With our online auction we generally like to run this for 10 days for maximum exposure.
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